Module not showing up in companion

I have built a custom source module. I followed the steps for coding
did a make, make test, make install. Then I did the gr_modtool makexml
my_mod, and a 'make install again. I can see the module in
/usr/local/share/gnuradio/grc/blocks/my_mod.xml. When I run
gnuradio-companion I can find the module when I search. I am running


You have to make sure grc knows what directories to look in for custom
block definitions. To do this, add a
GRC_BLOCKS_PATH=“path/to/your/gr-module” environment variable to your file that gets sourced when you open a terminal. Assuming
you followed all the other steps in the guided tutorial to make the
block correctly, you should see the block in grc after that. Make sure
you close grc and use a new terminal after making that env change.

There is a link that explains this but I don’t have it handy.


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In addition to what Rich said, it’s possible that the XML file has a
syntax that GRC doesn’t understand;
from the console and watch the textual output of it on that console.

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