[module announcement] Equivalency testing for XML

Hello all,

I recently released a gem that assists in testing XML nodes for
equivalency, and thought it might be of interest to the RSpec
community. It can normalize whitespace (or not), ignore element order
(or not), compare namespaces based on URI (not prefix), and more. Plus
– and possibly best of all – it has baked-in RSpec (1.2.4+, 2.x)
integration via custom matchers.

It’s similar in aim to XmlUnit for Java[1], but with a far narrower

Source:GitHub - mbklein/equivalent-xml: Easy equivalency tests for Nokogiri and Oga XML
RubyGems: equivalent-xml | RubyGems.org | your community gem host

Or, of course, simply gem install equivalent-xml

I welcome any feedback, suggestions, patches, pull requests,
additional test cases, etc.


Michael B. Klein
Digitization Workflow Engineer
Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Services

[1] http://xmlunit.sourceforge.net/