i just discovered this and i find it very strange nobody mentioned it on
this forum yet. i think it is great news:

an apache module for rails,
super easy deployment, ideal for shared hosting and even a little faster
than mongrel. they claim it is very stable already



Well, I’ve read a bit about it. I’m looking forward to hearing about


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I would also be curious to read a review.

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Greg N.
Rails Developer & Designer

We’ve had people playing with it today and will continue to experiment
over the weekend. We’ll have a full write up about it on Monday.


Jesse P.
Blue Box Group, LLC
p. 800-613-4305 x 801

I have already installed it a played with a bunch this last week. I
posted a short blog on getting it to work on the mac on my blog

It’s a nice setup. It’s going to be on shared host provider’s sites.
It’s not that big of a deal for big sites - nginx & mongrel + monit is
probably the best setup to date. Ebb looks pretty cool down the road.

We put it up on a site that’s getting quite a bit of traffic now (since
closely adult in nature):

We built this test site over the weekend to see how well it would do
lots of hits all the time. This is a dual core server with 2 gigs of
rails 2.0.2, mysql and very little code. No caching.

Things are pretty fast right now. We’re getting about 5-10 pageviews per
second on the rails app. Some stats:

Rails processes running: 3
memory per process: 28megs - 32megs
server load: 0.04 (yes, 0.04)

All in all, mod_passenger is worth it. We’re heading into tonight when
(ahem!) we should get a lot more traffic. I’ll report back tomorrow.


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On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 6:53 PM, Jesse P. [email protected]

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