Modifying gr-air-modes to work with Nutaq's Zepto/Pico


I’m currently working on a project where I need to install gr-air-modes
on a Zepto then a Pico from Nutaq. The problem is that gr-air-modes is
working with UHD/Osmocom.

I wondered if somebody had any ideas about how to modify gr-air-modes ?

Thank you !

Kind regards,

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Hello Adrien,

You can simply replace the UHD functions invoked by their Nutaq
This is very easy and straight forward.

There are two blogs on the subject, one for C language, one for GRC flow

I had a quick look to gr-air-modes-master, it doesn’t seem to have a
so you will do the UHD->Nutaq replacements in the Python implementation
(gr-air-modes-master\python\ The Nutaq API and FPGA cores come
with in-depth documentation that explains each function (“doc” folder).
one quick way to get started is by comparing (using diff or Beyond
the Pyton generated form a basic GRC example (eg:
basic GR install) where you replace the UHD blocks with Nutaq blocks.
delta obtained is the list of UHD python function along with their Nutaq

In (gr-air-modes-master), copy the UHD implementation starting
line 144 and paste it into a new “elsif” at line 177:
elif options.source == “zeptosdr”: #using Nutaq ZeptoSDR
Then replace the “from gnuradio import uhd” and “uhd.usrp_source()” by
Nutaq equivalent: “import Nutaq” and “nutaq.rtdex_source()”

Repeat with all the RTDEx and Radio420x configuration functions listed
earlier with diff or Beyond Compare (set_center_freq , set_samp_rate,
set_gain, etc…).

Then, remake the proper connexions by replacing
self.connect((self.uhd_usrp_source_0, 0), (…))
self.connect((self.nutaq_rtdex_source_0, 0), (…))

Finally, do not hesitate to connect our tech support helpdesk if you run
into problems understanding an API function when working on your code.


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