Modify in howto/src/lib/ to support templates

I was wondering if someone can slightly modify the in
howto/src/lib to include support for template expansion,
assuming the files and
(and maybe,
are present (in a similar way that is done in core/src/lib/general).

Right now, and since I have no idea how to do this,
I am manually running and then
manually adding the generated files into…


On Sat, Apr 22, 2006 at 08:55:07AM -0400, Achilleas A.


Hi Achilleas,

I’d rather not add additional complexity to the howto
Most folks have trouble enough understanding what’s going on without
adding support for machine generated code.

If I were to add it, I’d do it exactly as it is done in

Redirecting your question, is there something in particular that you
don’t understand about src/lib/{general,filter}/

This is the actual make rule that runs the code generator:

PYTHONPATH=$(top_srcdir)/src/python srcdir=$(srcdir)

It says that all the generated .h, .i and .cc files are dependent on
everything in $(CODE_GENERATOR), and that if anything in
$(CODE_GENERATOR) is newer than the stuff to the left of the colon, run to update (generate) them.

CODE_GENERATOR is a list of files that includes the “template files”
.t, and the code generating scripts themselves

Did this help?