Modified verilog code for smaller FPGA

Hi all!

I’m new to GNU Radio and USRP. I’m making a prototype of data
system based on USRP, but
in future I want to use much smaller FPGA. I will not deal with GNU
Radio or
python at all, I need to create a
verilog code that could fit into much smaller FPGA.
My requirements are 2 megabit/second on transmission and same on
of data. I only need 1 complex
channel on transmission and one on receiving side. I read manual and see
that it can be easily done using config file,
but i need the actual Verilog code with only one channel each way, so I
to get rid of some comb-filters in DUC and DDC.
I wonder if someone has done anything like this before? Some guidelines
would be highly appreciated!


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