Modified scopesink

I’m not sure if my email got sent out, so I’m re-posting…

Hi all-

I have attached a modified scopesink that I believe fixes some sizing
bugs. The issue is that the scope window would intrude on the controls
below when sizes other than the default 640 by 240 is specified in the
scopesink code. The credit goes to Michael D., who provided these
fixes to me a while back in a personal communication. I have been
updating the various versions of scopesink for my own use and have done
for the current (as of svn 10991) implementation of
which I provide here, with the hopes that somebody more knowledgeable in
creating patches can provide a formal one to fix this issue. The fixes
are very simple; other than resizing the defaults window sizes to a
smaller value suitable for a smaller resolution screen (such as for a
laptop), the changes are either lines that have “size=size” or “|
wx.EXPAND)” added to them. All the lines with changes have the note
#mdickens” after them to aid in identification.

I would be happy to provide any other information; please let me know.