Moderation of Mialing List

Up until yesterday I have been moderating all messages by first time
posters. It hasn’t been too bad, about one post a day. But it was
something I had to attend to and it meant the occasional delay before
people could see their first post. To free me of the daily necessity I
have now turned this moderation off. This means posts will appear
right away, which is good, but it also means we may start to see some
spam on the list from time to time too. Google G. is pretty good
at catching spam, though obviously not perfect. If anyone wants to
take over new post moderation, and thus prevent any possibility of
spam, let me know. Otherwise I hope others are ok with a little
unwanted noise. Of course, if it gets real bad I will turn moderation
back on, but I help manage a number of other lists and it’s not been a
major issue.


Sorry. I accidentally sent this to the wrong mailing list. It was
meant of the Radiant CMS list.