Model Security


Hi anyone,

Sorri to bring a purley Model Security question on this list but I can’t
find anywhere to bring this up on the Model Security project page.

I’ve found a bug (I think) in the Model Security generator but I’m not
sure… I’m pretty noob and I could just be missing something.

I’ve got a require_admin in my controller. When I log in as a non admin,
try a task that is protected, I get thrown back to the login page as I
expected. However, what I didn’t expect was when I try to log in as the
non admin user (or probably a different one) I can’t get past the login
screen. It seems that Model Security tries to take me back to the
that it balked at last time, sees that I’m not an admin and throws me
to the login.

Is there anyone else that has experienced this? If there is, how do I

Any help would be great…

PS is there any thoughts of making Model Security into a Plugin or