Model Associations (is this OK?)

Not wishing to start out on the wrong foot in the world of RoR, I would
be grateful if someone could advise me if the following setup would be
considered best practice or could it be improved upon.

I have five models:


A user can sign up as a customer, shop or supplier. I’ve gone for a
‘skinny’ user table and have created belongs_to/has_many associations to
the different types of users (via user_id in their respective tables).

A new quote will be created by a customer, the quote will then need to
be accessed by the shop, who will update it, and then the supplier who
will also update it. Do I now just need a quote table with customer_id,
shop_id, supplier_id and their respective belongs_to/has_many
associations, or is there a more preferred solution?


Hi, you might want to look into creating a polymorphic association
Customer and Supplier are different types of a User. Also, a Shop is a
place of business and a Quote is an estimated price for a service.
check the following link:
Optimizing aggregate counts of has_many_polymorphs in Rails: Part

Good luck,