Mode S // DME // Classical SSR

I found a copy of Eric C.'s gr-air src

It is quite similiar to what I am doing.

Using a 1090 MHz receiver, Digital Storage Scope and LINUX perl.

Things I am doing

  1. DME detection
  2. SSR detection and decode - to either Mode A or Mode C (you can’t
  3. Mode S DF 00 detect
  4. Mode S DF 11 detect and decode - 24 bit address
  5. Mode S DF 17 detect CA detect Format type decode 24 bit address
  6. Mode S DF 17 aircraft identity decode to callsign

I have yet to do

  1. Compact Position Reporting
  2. Velocity Message Decode
  3. Amplitude variation checking
  4. Garbling decode

Andrew R. VK4TEC

April 04 2010

Hi Andrew,

I am glad to find you have done the work of SSR detection and decoding.
I am
struggling to do the same things . Could you send your whole project to


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