Mod_wsgi 0.0.5

I’m pleased to annunce the 0.0.5 release for mod_wsgi.

mod_wsgi is an implementation of the WSGI PEP
( for the Nginx web server.

Here is the changelog:

  • Fixed a severe bug, caused by a wrong size declared for the

    The value used was the size of the LogObject, and this was not
    causing problems only because
    sizeof(LogObject) > sizeof(StateObject).

  • Replaced sys.stderr with a LogObject instance, so that WSGI
    applications can use it for logging.

  • Bug fix: sys.argv is not initialized for the main interpreter.

    PySys_SetArgv is used for the initialization (it will add the
    nginx executable path directory to sys.path).

  • Removed the wsgi_python_path directive.

    Use the PYTHON_PATH environment variable with the env directive,

  • Added support for the env directive.

    WSGI applications will now use only environment variables
    explicitly declared with the env directive;
    in previous revisions they inherited variables from the initial

  • Improved the conformance for SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO variables.

Manlio P.

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