Mod_wsgi 0.0.3

I’m pleased to annunce the release 0.0.3 of mod_wsgi.

mod_wsgi is an implementation of the WSGI PEP
(PEP 333 – Python Web Server Gateway Interface v1.0 |
for the Nginx HTTP server.

The nginx mod_wsgi Mercurial repository is available at:

The tagged releases can be found at:

A snapshot of the current tip can be downloaded at:

I will try to commit only stable code, so you can “safely” use the tip.

In this release I have added full support to the WSGI 2.0 draft (that
is: WSGI 1.0 without the start_response and the write callable).

With this release WSGI applications can be executed concurrently by
Nginx, when they return a generator (see the nginx-file in the examples

In the next release I will add support for WSGI 1.0 (unfortunately the
write callable cannot be easily implemented).

Instructions for building the wsgi module can be found in the README

Regards Manlio P.