Mod_rewrite with Nginx?

Hello is the first time that NGINX uses, and I’m turning my .htaccess to
it. Unfortunately the access is really long, and it is my first time I
I converted the .htaccess with nginx online tool, but unfortunately,
the conf changed, I restart the nginx service.

When I click a link on the page, it automatically downloads Him the .php

Here’s my .htaccess file:

Below is my .conf instead of Nginx:

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This online tool convert your .htaccess to nice nginx stuff :slight_smile: PS:
not failproff but would help you a lot.

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Hi, thanks for the reply, I used it … but it still does not work …

This is my new conf: but it does not

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Copy-pasting configuration of using pre-cooked one is always a bad idea
since you do not understand what you are dealing with.

The same applies to automatic conversion tools since the paradigm behind
the Apache Web server is totally different from the one from nginx:
is no one-to-one relationship (bijection) between the way to redact
configuration directives and nginx’ ones, so the very idea of such a
is flawed. Too bad people keep trying to provide their attempt at it
without thinking about that first.

You deleted the first pastebins you provided. People reading the thread
entirely thus cannot get a hang on your initial question. If you do the
same about the last one, the whole thread will transform into junk for
future reference.
Now, about the configuration you provided in the last pastebin:

  1. For the list of console names, a single rewrite at server level
    have proven enough. You could have transformed it into a regex
    location +
    rewrite to take advantage of the precedence of location blocks
    depending on
    their type/modifiers
  2. You could have grouped all the location blocks doing a similar
  3. You do not provide a location dealing with the index.php file, so
    default behavior would be for nginx to serve that file
  4. You do not provide the whole configuration as there is no http
    (which contains the server ones) nor do you provide what is in the
    files at the end of it (particularly the one php.conf one whoch could

​Please take some time to read nginx docs to
get a hang on the basics.​ There even is a ‘Beginner’s Guide’ to help
Generic tip: it is usually a good idea to prepare a minimal
depicting your problem rather than sending a huge, incomplete,
configuration fil which is, in the end, useless. You are not encouraging
people to help. Do your homework to show people you tried solving your
problem and saving as much of their time as possible.

​My 2 cents,

B. R.

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