Mod_passenger and mod_php in same virtual host


I would like to use an self-made rails app with a media-wiki in the SAME
virtual host. the routing should work like following: -> rails app -> mediawiki

My vhost configuration looks like:
DocumentRoot /var/www/domain/app/public
Alias /wiki /var/www/domain/domain/httpdocs/w/index.php

see apache rewrites from mediawiki-docs:

The alias works correctly. But the php-files aren’t parsed by apache. I
would be very happy if you have any suggestions.

Thank in advance

Any reason that is unacceptable? You’re in for
several less headaches if you just go with that. Plus you can just
create a redirect from to

On May 17, 11:04 am, Benjamin M. <ruby-forum-incom…@andreas-

Directories are better SEO wise than subdomains.

I have the same problem too. I was forced to go to a subdomain.

  • Ericson

On 21.5.2008, at 19.42, Ericson S. wrote:

Directories are better SEO wise than subdomains.

Also, if you ever need to use SSL, star (* certificates
tend to be a lot more expensive than normal ones.


Jarkko L.

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