Mms2r 2.3.0 Released

mms2r version 2.3.0 has been released!


MMS2R is a library that decodes the parts of an MMS message to disk
stripping out advertising injected by the mobile carriers. MMS messages
multipart email and the carriers often inject branding into these
messages. Use
MMS2R if you want to get at the real user generated content from a MMS
having to deal with the cruft from the carriers.

If MMS2R is not aware of a particular carrier no extra processing is
done to the
MMS other than decoding and consolidating its media.

Contact the author to add additional carriers to be processed by the
Suggestions and patches appreciated and welcomed!

Corpus of carriers currently processed by MMS2R:


2.3.0 / 2008-08-30 (Snakes ‘n’ Barrels Greatest Hits)

  • 5 new features

    • detect smartphone status/type based on model metadata from jpeg and
      exif data using exifr gem, access exif data with MMS2R::Media#exif
    • make MMS2R Rails gem packaging friendly with an init.rb - Scott
    • delegate missing methods to mms2r’s tmail object so that mms2r
      behaves as
      if it were a tmail object - Sai E., saizai
    • default_media can return an attachment of application content type -
      Brendan Lim, brendanlim
    • MMS2R.parse(raw_mail) convenience class method that parses and
      returns an
      mms2r from a mail file - saizai
  • 4 minor enhancements

    • make examples more ‘mail’ specific to enforce the fact that an mms
      is a
      multipart email - saizai
    • update for text in default carrier message
    • detecting smartphone (blackberries and iphones for now) is more
      from reading mail headers
    • expanded filtering of carrier advertising text in mms from