Missoula Ruby/Rails Group, Januray Ruby Tuesday Gathering

The first Ruby Tuesday gathering for 2007 of the Missoula Ruby & Ruby on
Rails Group will be January 2nd. (Note that’s the evening of the first
workday after the long weekend. It’ll feel very much like Monday, but
it’s still Tuesday.) Nothing very formal or organized. Just a friendly
gathering of enthusiasts to chat about Ruby & RoR and related topics
over dinner and/or drinks. Once again, we’ll gather in the back half of
Sean Kelly’s (downtown) at 6pm. If you work with Ruby (either
professionally or as a hobby), or have other talents that will blend
well with our group (such as our two designers who lead the CSS
enlightenment) and will be in town, please come out and introduce
yourself. In addition, our low-volume mailing list is at:

We’re currently maintaining a “wishlist” of stuff we’d like to learn
more about. If you consider yourself well versed in any of these topics,
feel free to enlighten us on Tuesday. Or, if you’re up for giving a
formal presentation, let us know on Tuesday and we’ll work on arranging
appropriate facilities for the February meeting. If the items on the
list seem complicated and intimidate you, don’t let them. They’re on the
list because we don’t know (much) about them either.

* JRuby [ and other alternative interpreters. ]
* RSpec (BDD)
* Managing common code across projects
* Overriding built-in ruby functionality
* Structuring HTML for CSS Layout (Best practices for when the
  developer and the designer are two or more different people.)
* "All the things I should be using but don't know about."
* REST / ActiveResource

We’re also toying with the idea of getting ourselves our own www/“It’s
not a big truck. It’s a series of tubes.”/internets thingies. If you’ve
got any great ideas on hardware/hosting/financing and what we
could/should do with it, see the discussion so far on the mailing list,
and then bring up the topic on Tuesday.