Missing Page = Application Error?

I just refreshed an page edit screen for a page I’d just deleted and I
got an application error.

Even the RadiantCMS Demo site shows this behavior – try:

I’d be happy to create a ticket for this but I didn’t know if it was
intentional for some reason.


That’s “normal”. The page you are accessing no longer exists in the

And i say "normal" because Radiant should check for this just to be 

user friendly.


Yes, a ticket for that would be great.


Sean C. wrote:

Yes, a ticket for that would be great.


Done: http://dev.radiantcms.org/radiant/ticket/515

By the way, sort of related…
Entering other invalid urls below /admin/ (like:
http://demo.radiantcms.org/admin/pages/garbage) don’t require any kind
of login and instead return the site’s 404 page.

Should the admin_controller have a method_missing to handle this kind of
stuff (perhaps requiring login and/or providing a radiant admin 404


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