Missing flash.swf in .rhtml page in WEBrick dev environment?

So I’m trying to create a dashboard that displays data pulled in through
RoR. Some data populates table rows and other data I’m trying to feed
into an Adobe Flash swf file.

I have the path correct to my swf file (I can it being accessed in
Safari activity window) but it’s not rendering. When I try to access the
file directly within the :3000 environment I get garbage in the browser
window. Trying to load a static Flash file with nothing but a circle in
it does the same thing.

Does anyone know if this is specifically a WEBrick server configuration
issue? I’m guessing it doesn’t know how to display Adobe Flash files. If
so, can anyone point me to a howto to set the correct filehandlers or
something please? That’ll get my development environment working I hope.
Then I’ll have to test my hosting services production environment. :expressionless:


Since RoR development evironement is not compatible with file types such
as .swf I think I have to pursue another solution.

Thanks for any consideration on how to resolve using Rails though.