Minor nit in Rakefile (-r71)

Hey all,

Don’t know if it’s just me (I had to tweak the Rakefile to run under
cygwin), but noticed a problem running the Rakefile. Specifically the
compile IronRubyTestHost task was failing with the message:

can’t find file

I tracked it down to the FRAMEWORK_DIR being prepended to the reference
“!System.Windows.Forms.dll” in two places:

def self.references(*refs)
#here we replace the ! token with FRAMEWORK_DIR
refs.each { |ref| references << (ref =~ /^!/ ? FRAMEWORK_DIR +
ref[1…ref.length] : Environment.build + ref) }

def self.compile(files, references, switches, path, resources, output)
switches << “out:”#{Environment.build + output}""
resgen path, resources if resources != {}
#we again prepend the FRAMEWORK_DIR here
references.each { |ref| switches << “reference:”#{ref.absolute? ?
ref :
FRAMEWORK_DIR + ref}"" }

locally I fixed it by replacing the last reference with:

references.each { |ref| switches << “reference:”#{ref}"" }


Jason Langston

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