Minimum services for a Rails app

I have two different hosting services. My test systems are on
SliceHost, and my production systems are on ServerBeach. The reason
for the different hosts doesn’t matter here, but it does cause me to
ask what are the minimum required services for a typical RoR app?

When I run chkconfig --list on my SliceHost box, there are about 20
services listed. Run the same on my ServerBeach box, and the list is
several pages long. Obviously, the ServerBeach box has more than the
required services running.

Since I will never claim to be an expert on Linux server config, I
wanted to ask around before I start shutting off services on my
production server. Is this as simple as shutting off all the services
on my production server (ServerBeach) that do not show up on my test
server (SliceHost)?

BTW, my servers are all running CentOS 5.