Minimagick and RoR

Posting here is kind of a last resort: has anyone used Minimagick with
Ruby on Rails, and gotten it working correctly? I hate posting a “bug”
problem but I’m not if it’s my problem, or a problem with Imagemagick
and RoR 1.0, which I just installed (upgraded from 0.13.1).

Basically, when I try to run the most basic MM command in ROR:

image = MiniMagick::Image.from_file(“test.gif”)

…I get an error, “ImageMagick command (identify /tmp/minimagic12741.0
) failed: Error Given 32512”. There’s nothing on Google, nothing on any
other forums I could find. Anyone have any idea? Like I said, I just
upgraded to ROR 1.0, and the command works fine from a command-line
script. The MiniMagick stuff is dumped into the /vendor/plugins folder,
and I’ve checked that ROR is finding it. One thing: when this error
occurs, I go to check /tmp/minimagic12741.0, and it doesn’t exist.

So maybe my question is this: any suggestions on how to put logging into
a plugin?