MiniExiftool 0.3.0 released

MiniExiftool version 0.3.0 released!

MiniExiftool is a wrapper library for the Exiftool command-line
application ( written by Phil
Harvay. One of the completest tool for reading and writing meta
informations (EXIF, IPTC, XMP) on image files which supports many file
formats including raw formats.

gem install mini_exiftool



  • Documentation completed and a Mini Tutorial added
  • Interface changes:
    • Test if a value for a tag can be saved is now done in
      => There is no check at the moment you set a value:
      the tag occurs in MiniExiftool#changed_values
      => While calling MiniExiftool#save errors can occur (see next point)
    • MiniExiftool#save is a transaction: if one or more error occurs the
      file is not changed! In such a case the errors can be found in
    • Parameter opts of MiniExiftool.initialize is now a Hash with two
      • :numerical => read metadata as numerical values
      • :composite => read also composite tags
  • Tests added