Mini_magick - 2 clarifications

  1. I have seen examples similar to the following:

image = MiniMagick::Image.from_file(“input.jpg”)
image.resize “100x100”

I’m assuming that image.resize is a method. Is there any significance
to the fact that the argument for that method is not enclosed in
parenthesis while the other are? Examples seem to be consistent –
way too consistent for coincidence.

  1. When I resize an image, is there a way to do that operation in
    place so that I don’t have to write it out to a different file,
    conceptually like:

    image.resize! “100x100”

Thanks for any input.

     ... doug

Paren use is optional except when required to disambiguate, i.e. when
method1 takes two args and the first is method2 (which takes one or
two args) you would use parens to group method2’s args.

It’s a Ruby thing. Can be tough to get used to if you’re coming from
a c background and are used to the visual cue that parens provide.

It’s a Ruby thing. Can be tough to get used to

Yep. I understand and definitely agree that it’s a bit tough to get
used to. The thing is, when the option to use parens when they’re not
required is exercised (as in lines 1 and 3 of this example) and then,
for no apprent reason, the option is not exercised in the intervening
line 2, it leaves me to wonder if the author of the code knows
something that I don’t. Hence the question.

Thanks for the response.

    ... doug