Mimo + usrp

Dear Eric,

I am looking for literature based on MIMO + USRP.

Can you provide me links if anybody has implemented this technique? has
there been any paper written based on this technique



Thanks a lot.
But i am specially looking for thesis/paper which says that they have
implemented MIMO using USRP and GNU RADIO.
If you have something related to it please forward it to me.


I’m pretty sure several people have published MIMO investigations
using the usrp. I recently presented one that is probably not in the
IEEE archives yet at ISCTA2009 using the USRP to demonstrate the
feasibility of polarization coding. Searching google scholar for usrp
has worked well for me in the past.

Be on the look out for ‘paper mill’ submissions. There is at least
one paper that got published where the ‘authors’ ran the provided
example scripts and displayed their output as ‘results’ that got
published, these won’t do you much good.