Migrations and Time datatype. Bug?


I’ve defined a table with these columns
t.column “some_date”, :date, :null => false
t.column “some_time”, :time, :null => false

The result in schema.rb is
t.column “some_date”, :date, :null => false
t.column “some_time”, :time, :default => Sat Jan 01 00:00:00 GMT
Standard Time 2000, :null => false

The time column generates a default I didn’t ask for. The default value
given is not quoted and fails.


This problem prevented me from using migrations.


Since the app I’m writing is Rails only, I decided
to drop the default on the column, let Rails handle
it, and learn about migrations.

Migrations rock. :slight_smile:

– Tom M.


Is there any plans on fixing this bug? I have a rails application that
will be using data in a lagacy db, and adding new tables. I would like
use migration to deal with the schema changes from the lagacy schema.
problem is that this bug makes migrations totally useless for this


Hi Ken

I don’t know the status of this bug, but afaik you could still use
sql calls from migrations as a workaround (never done that though, just



[blog] http://www.dotnetguru2.org/tbarrere


The problem is with the schema.rb file. When it pulls the schema from
database, it writes seriously broken ruby code to the schema.rb file
causing everything to break.