Migration w/change_column fails on MySQL 5.1


I have a migration with statements like this:

change_column :quote_input_class_codes, :employee_payroll, :integer,
:default => 0, :null => false

When I migrate, I get:

(in C:/eclipse/workspace/OnlineRating)
== DefaultQiccPayrollsToZero: migrating

– change_column(:quote_input_class_codes, :employee_payroll, :integer,
{:null=>false, :default=>0})
rake aborted!
Mysql::Error: Data truncated for column ‘employee_payroll’ at row 1:
ALTER TABLE quote_input_class_codes CHANGE employee_payroll
employee_payroll int(11) DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL

Notice the duplication of the column name in the generated SQL, which is
why this is failing.

Anyone seen this before? Is it a known issue?


Solutiono: MySQL can’t set columns to NOT NULL if any of their values
are NULL.

This migration worked fine after all of the NULLs were replaced with

I verified the ALTER TABLE syntax against the MySQL 5.1 reference manual
and it was correct.