Migration erros when truning on config.threadsafe!

When turning on config.threadsafe! in production environment and
trying to migrate production database I get odd errors like
uninitialized constant AddAdminToUsers::User, here is the migration
file data:

class AddAdminToUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
‘admin’,:first_name=>“admin”,:last_name=>“admin”, :password=>
‘admin@exam$’,:password_confirmation=> ‘admin@exam$’)

def self.down

This error never shows up when that setting is off…

Ok just for the record, i found a similar thread regarding that here
, and all I did to fix it is to require the user model at the top of
this migration file:

require ‘user’

I’ll just throw out the notion that this may not be the right solution.

In general, if you actually use a model to do something in a
migration, you should define a minimal version of the model inside
the migration class. For example:

class AddAdminToUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration
class User < ActiveRecord::Base; end
def self.up
:first_name=>“admin”, :last_name=>“admin”,

def self.down

That way changes to the model or the database don’t lead to odd
failures later on – like when a production deployment is several
migration versions behind and tries to do some now incompatible things
with an earlier migration. Think what would happen if the ‘username’
column were to be renamed to ‘login’ in a later migration and both
needed to be applied.


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