Migrating from a legacy Dbase app



My company uses Goldmine as its contact/sales opportunity manager.
(Uses Dbase for it’s DB).

I’m trying to get a Rails app to implement the parts of it we actually

I’ve been building my Rails app in MySQL. Now I’m need to start
getting data from Goldmine into my Rails app.

What’s the recommended approach?

A one time transfer of data? (Via what tool?)

Some kind of ongoing sync where data added to Goldmine (Dbase 4)
automatically gets added to my Rails App?

If their is a book that covers this, a simple reference would be great.


Greg F.
The Norcross Group
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One-time transfer of data using Java/jdbc, DOM, and XSLT. A generic
data transfer and manipulation tool takes about three days to write from
scratch with this combination and runs as fast as any vendor’s data
loading tool.

I can’t get more specific than this without violating my employment


I also would do a one-time data transfer. It would be awesome if
Goldmine had something like a export to CSV option; then you could just
import it and transform it.

If you’re stuck hacking the legacy db all by yourself, see if someone
else has written some sort of export tool. Failing that, you have to
write a program to transform the data into some format that would make
sense for your app.


navicat will import dbase to mysql