Migrate Data and Schema from MySQL to sqlite

Hello folks,

I have a client who needs his data on a multimedia CD-ROM. I’ve used
MySQL as a database for his web application. Now, I need to migrate
his data on regular basis to sqlite so I can use the new db on the

What do you guys recommend me to do? Should I write a script which
READ data from mysql (using ActiveRecords for example) and INSERT them
in the new sqlite? Is there any other solutions?

And I must write a tool or script to run on MS Windows. :frowning:

Thanks in advance,

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Human D. said the following on 02/17/2007 06:38 AM:

And I must write a tool or script to run on MS Windows. :frowning:
I was faced with a similar problem.
I’d developed on my laptop (32 bit Intel)
but the server to be deployed was 64 bit.
Tarz’ing up the SQLite database on the one and untarz’ing it on the
meant it was unusable.

So I searched for and found a rakefile that dumped each table to a YAML
I then used rake to relada them as fixtures.

rake db:fixtures:load

See Vhttp://snippets.dzone.com/posts/show/3393

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