MiddleMan Class missing with backgroundrb 1.1 version?

Hi All,

This might seems to be a silly post for all the pros out there but can
anyone please try to answer my question?

I have installed backgroundrb 1.1 version on my RH Linux system.
And now I don’t see any MiddleMan class in any of the backgroundrb.rb
files under $RAILS_ROOT/vendor/plugins/backgroundrb/
lib/ and

I have totally followed the steps from :

and installed the chronic packets as mentioned @

When I run the tasks from my ROR framework, I get the following error:
undefined method `[]’ for #

This error is caused from the controller file where I am creating a new
MiddleMan thread.

if MiddleMan[server] == nil
puts “creating thread #{server} at #{Time.now}”