MI5 Persecution: Question and Answer 27/9/95 (2076)

In article [email protected]
[email protected] “Mike Corley” writes:

##: There were also a few other things said at the trial
##: relating to this which I won’t repeat here; it was in the papers
##: at the time anyway. This quote and others said by and about this
##: witness were repeating things that had been said by and about
##: me at around that time.

            When, where and by whom ?  Let's have some details
            that can be checked.

I’m not going to repeat them. They’re hurtful to me because they
contained abuse that was
directed against me by someone else at the time and which got picked up
and thrown again
in the trial. It is a matter of record but I won’t repeat it here.

PM: >Who’s character is being assassinated? It isn’t clear from the post.
PM: >Are we talking about Grenville Janner? I thought he was a spook
PM: >himself? He’s certainly able to hold his own on the issue you cite.

##: Mine, mainly. The reason for putting that episode at the top
##: of the posting is that they tried to kill two birds with one stone
##: at the Beck trial - they simultaneously put words into the mouth
##: of their invented “witness” to smear Janner, and repeated exactly,
##: word-for-word, stuff which had been said by and about me.

            Why would "they" wish to assassinate your character?

Well, let’s put it this way - just because this is the first time it’s
happened in this way,
from these people, on this scale, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened
before, on a lesser
scale. At university there were people who quite overtly hated me and
would have wished
something nasty to happen to me. Because of where I went making the
wrong sort of enemies
is pretty deadly.

“They” would wish to assassinate my character because it had all been
done before, and
because they knew I would not be able to react in any other way than I’d
reacted previously.

##: They invaded my home with their bugs, they repeated what I
##: was saying in the privacy of my home, and they laughed that it
##: was “so funny”, that I was impotent and could not even communicate
##: what was going on. Who did this? Our friends on BBC television,
##: our friends in ITN, last but not least our friends in Capital
##: Radio in London and on Radio 1.

            Please give details of when, where and by whom these
            comments were made, so that they can be checked.

This was four, five years ago… sorry, I don’t remember. I can remember
individual incidents,
words which were repeated by different people at different times in
different locations.

Around the end of 1992 Private Eye rtan a front-cover with John and
Norma Major, with
the title “Major’s support lowest ever” and John saying to Norma “Come
back norma” on the
front cover. What can you read in to that? Not a lot, seems like
standard fare for PE.
The first time I saw it I was in the pub with some people from work. One
was expressing doubts
to the other (let’s call the first one Simon, shall we? and the second
one Phil?) about
whether what was going on was right. Phil’s answer was that if Private
Eye was doing it
then it must be ok, “they’re usually right”.

A few days later, again near work, there were some students laughing in
the street,
“Were you COMING BACK later? But I thought you said you were COMING BACK
ha ha ha?”
Play on words, you see. Not very nice, either. I had start medication
soon afterwards.
Clever people, these chaps who think up PE titles. Just slightly lacking
in any
sense of morality.

##: How did they do this? I’ll give you an example. About a year ago,
##: I was listening to Chris Tarrant (Capital Radio DJ among other
##: pursuits) on his radio morning show, when he said, talking about
##: someone he didn’t identify, “you know this bloke? he says we’re
##: trying to kill him. We should be done for attempted manslaughter”
##: which mirrored something I had said a day or two before.
##: Now that got broadcast to the whole of London - if any recordings
##: are kept of the shows then it’ll be there.

            What was the date of the broadcast ?
            Out of 2 million plus listeners, why should you be
            the only one that Tarrant was allegedly referring to ?

Sometyime in spring 1994. I can’t remember the date, I heard the
broadcast in the
car - I was going into the office from London that day and just happened
to snap
on the radio, and hey presto! Mr Tarrant gives us the benefit of his

##: That’s exactly what we did. We went to a competent, professional
##: detective agency in London, paid them over 400 quid to debug our house.
##: They found nothing.

            What was the name of the detective agency and their
            address ?

I don’t see why I should tell you that, but they’re in Yellow Pages;
a well-established outfit.

PM: >What? Spend a quarter mil. a year to amuse themselves? And why not
PM: >change every now and again? Why keep watching you? (Unless you are
PM: >doing something, and I don’t think you are, though you may have some
PM: >deep, dark secret in your past.)

##: See the above.

            Is there a deep dark secret in your past ?

Apart from “it’s all happened before in a different way”, no.

##: In a couple of cases people have even known my name - when I was in
##: London over Easter somebody (no idea who they were, just some bloke with

##: his girlfriend) called me by name - quite clearly, and my name is
##: distinctive.

            Is your name truly Mike Corley, or are you using it as
            an alias ?

It’s an alias. I’m not English by ethnic origin. If someone manages to
my name as well as that guy did then they must have been really trying.

##: There’s a little story behind this. First of all, in 1992 I worked
##: for a company where the people made clear they knew what was going on,
##: first of all directly (the very first evening I was there I went out to
##: the pub with them and the Technical Director said to another guy,
##: “is this the bloke who’s been on TV?” “yeah, I think so”)

            Have you appeared, or been reported by name on TV ?
            When, where and by whom ?

No. Never. Not directly.

##: Also, in summer 1992 I went on a trip abroad to Europe by coach,

            What was the name of the coach company and your date
            of departure ?

It was a national express coach. At dover we boarded a ferry for Holland
The company that organized the trip went out of business some time ago,
so they won’t
have records of passengers - so we can’t get any corroboration from
anyone else
that way. We tried all that last summer, ran into a brick wall.

The other thing is in summer 1992 I was visibly ill, so other people in
party might remember that more than anyone getting at me on the coach

##: >>Yes, this gets me. I think the answer is that I was set up by
##: >>someone. I was very aware when this started back in 1990 that I
##: >>was being painted as a “threat” to which people had to “react”

            Why were you being painted as a "threat"; is this 

to a “deep,dark, secret” ?

Aaaarrrrgh. I think I should make clear that that’s their created
rather than the real reason. They started harassing first and then came
up with the
reasons for it.

##: I think I know who set me up.

            Who ?

Someone who knew me some time ago. Someone who would have been able to
talk this
little campaign into existence.

##: The bloke can’t even control his own mind without medicine.

            Is this true ?  What is the medication and dosage ?

Yes, I’m afraid so. Sulpiride, 200mg a day. It’s designed to stop people
coming up with the sort of ideas you’ve heard here for the last few
Give him a higher dose!!

In the long term it causes tardive dyskinesia, tardive dementia and
nasty stuff to your brain. So it’s three years of sulpiride talking to
you here.

john heelan