MI5 Persecution: Options 21/9/95 (562)

From: john heelan [email protected]
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Date: Thu, 21 Sep 95 19:17:30 GMT
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You have to admit that Mike is persistent and obviously feels
deeply that he is being hounded by the “Security Services” and
there is a Conspiracy out to get him personally. If that is
then we should be concerned; if he is just paranoid, then we
empathise with his sickness. What we should not do is to invite
censorship…that just could be implicitly joining in the
putative Conspiracy.

Let’s look at Mike’s potential options (and the alleged responses
he has received):

 1. Complain to the Police: (their alleged response
          "Don't be silly, Sir"; Mike's rationale "They are part
          of the Conspiracy")

I don’t think the police as an organisation are part of it. They’re
certainly not the source.

The officer I spoke to at Easter clearly didn’t know anything about it.
And that was at my local police station in London - if anyone in the
police knew you would think the people at your local cop shop would.

A couple of years ago I had to go into the station after a motoring
infraction, the guy I spoke to then said something about “brain like a
computer sir” which my suspicions latched on to - (I’m alleged to be a
programmer as some people reading this know) - but as per the usual
“can’;t prove nuthin” and you ask yourself if you’re just being stupid
suspecting on the basis of a straw

 2. Complain to a Member of Parliament (Mike's rationale: "Can't
          because they are part of the Conspiracy")

I could do that actually. But he would probably tell me to go see the
police, for which see above.

 3. Make it visible through the UK Press. (Mike's rationale:
          "Can't because they are part of the Conspiracy")

They are actually. There’s a difference though in the way journalists
react to this stuff when they’re “got to” by the security service.

This is completely giving the game away, but the trouble originally
started with my reading into stuff that was being written by Times
columnists, in particular our antagonistic friend Mr Levin.
But you see that some journalists are taking part in the conspiracy and
others are only doing it because their puppet masters have been feeding
them information which they can’t allow themselves to ignore. The
security services have their hooks into the UK media, this case shows
that very explicitly. You also see how things get gradualkly wqorse with
a particular journalist; a couple of weeks ago Peter Tory in the Express
was writing about “nerds seeking their revenge on him through the Net”,
guess what that was about.

 4. Complain to the UK Security Services. (Mike's rationale: "Can't
          because they ARE the Cnspiracy")

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? If the fascist Gestapo bastards plot to
see you dead then who’s going to deal with it? Not the security
services, that’s for sure.

 5. Make it visible through Internet: (Mike has done this 
          suvccessfully; but any gainsayers are "part of the Conspiracy".

I don;t think you’;re part of the consipracy if you refuse to believe or
email the postmaster. Those who do know are keeping their silence.

 6. Complain to the Canadian National and State Governments. (Has
          Mike done this yet ?)

No. It’s a UK problem so that’s where it should be dealt with. The
perpetrators are UK residents, are unidentified, and would be difficult
to deal with through the Canadian courts.

Ditto the police in Canada, ditto the press - it isn’t their problem,
it’s caused by UK people against someone from the UK. Of course Canadian
laws are being broken relating to harassment and “stalking” which do not
exist in the UK, but the Canadian police do not have a very good record
of enforcing those laws anyway.

 7. Complain to the Canadian Security Services (Has Mike done this 
    yet ?)

 8. Complain to the Canadian Press. (Has Mike done this yet ?)

I think if they didn’t knoiw, they’d just think you were having
delusions; and if they did, then they would side with the people with
power, the smiling English people with their knives out.

Remember, nobody uis going to side with the person who has less power in
a copfrontation. The team over here in Canada have the resources of
organization behind them, other broadcasters etc in the UK would have
influence with their counterparts in Canada; after all, this was once a
British colony, there is still a feeling of “looking up to” the UK among
many Canadians, so if a team of security services arrives from the UK
with apparently limitless resources to pursue their target, people
over here will forget anything they ever knew about basic human rights
and go along with what they are told to do and how they are told to

john heelan