Method_missing not working in RoR 3.1.1 & Ruby 1.9.2p290?

I am porting a Rails 2.3.8 app (ruby 1.8.7 (2010-01-10 patchlevel 249)
[i386-mingw32]) to Rails 3.1.1 Ruby 1.9.2p290

In the 2.4.8 app a method_missing is being called correctly. It’s a
ghost method.

In Rails 3.1.1 Ruby 1.9.2p290 the method_missing is not being called.

If I explicitly code a method for the missing method, the non-ghost
method does get called.

When I google
rails 3.1 method_missing
I see a handful of people have issues with method_missing … but the
errors don’t seem to be relevant to what I’m doing.

Any ideas?

Ok, I solved this one.

Short answer: replace

def method_missing(undefined_name, *args)
def action_missing(undefined_name, *args)

in your controller

Longer answer:

I can’t find this documented anywhere but in the Rails source code.


Can anyone tell me why they changed this behavior? Was there a reason
to break old code?

Oh, yeah, this is a Rails issue and not a Ruby one.

You just saved me after five hours of debugging! Thanks for posting your
solution! :slight_smile: