Meta-Metta, my new blog

I marked this as off topic because I have no guarantee that I won’t
run off and learn Erlang, or quit programming and become a fruit
merchant, but this list is the easiest way for me to reach a lot of
folks I consider my friends.

I’ve started up a personal blog, as a sort of symbolic way to force me
to not spend my entire life thinking about Ruport.

The title is Meta-Metta[0], which i’m roughly translating into “About
the nature of Loving-Kindness”.

There will be lots of things here, definitely some Ruby, maybe some
sprinklings of math, and other technical topics.

However, the primary focus will likely be about people, community, and
other things of that sort. So if you’re one of those folks who prefer
blogs that are 100% code, this may not be for you.

I make no promises on quality, consistency, vitality, sanity or
relevance, but I hope some of you will keep an eye on it and share
your thoughts from time to time.

I’ll still be blogging Ruby goodness on O’Reilly, for those who prefer
to stick to that.

This is a one-time announcement, so you won’t hear more spam from me on
it :slight_smile: