Hello list,

Is anyone working on meta-documentation for Rails? At the moment,
there’s a huge amount of info out there about Rails, but finding
anything specific is becoming more and more difficult due to the lack
of concrete structure. A Wiki is great for capturing knowledge and
sharing it among people who already know enough to use it primarily as
a reference, but not for structuring content so that it can be used to
learn something from scratch or to broaden your knowledge base in a
structured manner.

If this explanation isn’t clear, imagine you’ve been using Rails for a
while, have just heard about a new (to you) feature (say ‘AJAX’ or
‘Engines’) and you want to read up about what the feature is and how
to use it so you can add it to what you already know. It’s really
REALLY tough to do this from Wiki documentaiton.

Some sort of indexed meta-document, pointing to various “start
here”-type information, Engine sites, ‘how to use’ info, real-life
experiences, useful blogs, white papers, comparisons with Java etc.
would be highly useful for those of us who are still learning about
how Rails works and what its full capabilities are. I know it’s
generally possible to track this info down, but it’s a real struggle
to find specific information quickly at present.

I could start such a document, but I’m so far behind the curve that it
wouldn’t be much use to anyone else for a long time. If anyone
already has such a thing up and going, I’d happily contribute to it.


Dave M.

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