Mentor/ Orientation on the Ruby Learning Path

I’m not sure if posting here is the correct way so sorry in advance if
it’s not.
I was trying to find some mentorship or orientation in learning ruby.

I don’t know any rubyist in real life.
What advice would you give yourself if you were to learn Ruby all over

It sure feels a bit overwhelming at the beginning.

Thanks in advance


Hi Andreia,

You ask a very good question. Where are the Ruby mentors? There used to
be a website similar to the following, maybe it’s still out there,

Came across this:

Is there a Ruby meetup near you?

Personally I learned Ruby by reading books about Ruby and writing Ruby
code, but I can’t recommend that to everyone.

There are some good Ruby books out there. No doubt there are numerous
tutorials on the web. Are you an absolute beginner to programming, or
just to Ruby? What’s your background?

Hi Scott

Thanks for your reply.
I’m from Portugal.
I live in Lisbon. Currently there aren’t Ruby Meetups and not a very
strong ruby culture job wise.

My background is Applied Chemistry.
After reading a lot of articles I started by the book Learn to Program
by Chris P…
So I’m a beginner to programming, I had one subject at Uni about it but
it was Fortran and MatLab.

I’m going to check the links you shared.

Thanks again!


Hope you’re still monitoring.

I have some links for you.

best wishes

I think that Ruby is a great language to start with. It can be even
better for people who have come from other programming languages.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Hopefully you can find help right here.

The latest version of The Ruby Way just came out, and it’s a good book
to have. I can also recommend The Well-Grounded Rubyist. These books are
however primarily about Ruby and not designed to teach how to write
software programs in Ruby.

Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby is nice.

Continually experiment. Write tests. That’s a good way to learn.

Just to understand how the various operators worked with arrays I wrote
a number of methods and test cases, here are my test method names:

arr1 and arr2

def test_array_and_array

arr1 && arr2

def test_array_double_ampersand_array

arr1 & arr2

def test_array_ampersand_array

arr1 or arr2

def test_array_or_array

arr1 || arr2

def test_array_double_pipe_array

arr1 | arr2

def test_array_pipe_array

arr1 - arr2

def test_array_minus_array

If nothing else I will always be able to come back to this code to
understand why I chose to use array_of_arrays.inject(:&)

thank you so much Scott for all your help.

I’m checking the links you shared, great resources indeed!


older but perhaps still relevant:

My brother advises me to “buy algae.”

Your advice as an Applied Chemist?


I would like to point you to As
I teach people ruby and rails every day I thought I would throw my hat
in :slight_smile:

In general all the people I help on have a positive
experience in being mentored 1 on 1 in real time.

Good luck!

Hey Scott

What kind of Algae and for what?

OT: Will algae replace fossil fuel as the energy of the future? If so,
how do I buy stock in “algae”? :;

Hi Scott
Well to be honest don’t know much about algae as a source of energy.
Here in Portugal we are trying to make eolic energy happen.