Mental + Mailer Extension

I’ve been postponing fiddling with mental until I really needed it. My
inability to work with trunk’s mailer extension convinced me to try
mental and sean’s new mailer extension.

The installation and migration of the current site went fine (but no
language redirect), and I was able to install without pain sean’s

The mailer still doesn’t work, but this time (at last!) I’ve got an
error I can try to understand :slight_smile:

“Error encountered while trying to send email. 550 Administrative

Any clue?

Did you setup your SMTP server config in environment.rb? Is there
anything else
relevant in the log?

Also, I think the config page part is particular about whitespace.

Quoting Giovanni I. [email protected]:

Nothing in the log, environment is setup ok (at least I think), and I
doublechecked the tabs vs spaces yml thing :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have more logging from actionmailer?

2007/1/22, Todd McGrath [email protected]:

How about anything in OS logs? You know, something along the lines of
/var/log/messages, /var/log/maillog

Quoting Giovanni I. [email protected]:

I’m on shared hosting so I don’t have access to those files.

2007/1/22, Todd McGrath [email protected]:

Sean I was trying to use an smtp connection, but I’ll try asking for
sendmail to my host.

2007/1/22, Sean C. [email protected]:


One thing I had to do on the original Mailer behavior is to get a
special account set up on my shared host (TxD). In most cases, SMTP is
somewhat locked down so that mail can only originate from certain
addresses and be addressed to certain addresses. A restriction on those
might be causing the 550 error. Check with your hosting provider to see
what is required.


I already asked for sendmail, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

2007/1/22, Sean C. [email protected]:

You might also ask them what might generate a 550 error when attempting
send. It could be something unexpected.


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