Memory Usage on


I using the trunk (r1054) and having a quite high memory usage for
80 MBytes for

VSS: 275436k
RSS: 87672k

The box only has 256Mb of RAM and is a bit underpowered. As the box is
running 2 rails-apps (rforum, typo) and trac the box goes Out-of-Memory
every few days.

How can I reduce the memory usage of typo ? Are there mem-caches that
can be put on disk, are there mem-leaks, … ?

About the checkout:

$ svn status
? version
X vendor/rails
~ tmp/cache
M config/environment.rb
M public/favicon.ico

$ svn diff config/environment.rb:

  • config.log_level = :debug

  • config.log_level = :error
  • RAILS_ENV is production

  • I start dispatch.fcgi externally with spawn-fcgi