Memory leak Windows XP SP2 related to search involving 'ä'

Hi there -
I have read through the posts here that seem related to this problem and
tried all the suggested solutions. None of them seem to fix my problem:

I am running Windows XP SP2, MySql 5.2, ruby-1.8.5, ferret-0.11.4
Right now I am still running everything in WEBrick

I set up my system according to this:

(as far as I could since I am not running Linux and Apache2)

When doing a full_text_search that involves a word with an ‘ä’, the
ruby.exe process goes nuts and keeps eating up memory until the system
crashes (or I kill the process). Interestingly, this does not happen for
any other Umlaut.

I am guessing that the problem may have something to do with the locale
of Windows. I tried to play around with the ‘Regional and Language
Options’, but nothing seemed to help.

I would be most grateful for any help or suggestions on this!
Thanks, Tina


I’ve the same problem, same platform: windows xp, same versions…

There’s a serious memory leak, while processing the unicode search!

Is there any hope, that you will fix this problem under win xp?
Can i help you? (i can send logs, any information), but it’s very

Please answer,
Thank you,

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