Memcache-client working for anyone?

I’m at the bloody forehead stage, so I figure it’s time to ask. After
installing the robot coop’s memcache-client which everyone apparently
recommends, it refuses to work because the rails cache.rb is invoking
the read() method on the cache, which it does not have. Their library
has get() and put() but no read() and write() as rails expects. What
gives? Is everyone quietly writing wrapper libraries around this? No
mention on any blogs…help would be greatly appreciated

My setup from environment.rb initialize:

CACHE = :c_threshold => 10_000,:compression =>
true,:debug => false,:namespace => ‘foo’,:readonly => false,:urlencode
=> false
CACHE.servers = ‘localhost:11211’

config.action_controller.session_store = :mem_cache_store
config.action_controller.fragment_cache_store = CACHE, {}

Incidentally, the session store works with memcache-client, but the
fragment cache craps out. I’ve tried every method on every blog entry
out there that I could find, but they are inconsistent with the rails
source code, or I am missing something. Thanks!

yan wrote:

CACHE = :c_threshold => 10_000,:compression =>
source code, or I am missing something. Thanks!

I vaguely recall reading about some funniness with that client.

try asking on the memcached list at [email protected]