Memcache client not connection

Im trying to get the memcache-client working.

Im not a development, windows environment and I tried doing:

CACHE = ‘localhost:11211’, :namespace => ‘my_namespace’

but the mem-cache server isnt connecting.Then, when I do
ARCLass.get_cache, it says “MemCache::MemCacheError: No connection to

Any ideas why I cant establish the memcache connection?

It turns out that Im actually getting the infamous

“Bad file descriptor - connect(2)”

whenever I try to do, host)

I tried “localhost”,“”, and “” for the host
along with various port numbers, I seem to always get this error.

I turned off the protection settings on my Norton AntiVirus and that
didn’t help.

Do you think I should try turning off the Norton AV completely?

What else might be wrong?