Memcache-client 1.3.0 Released

memcache-client version 1.3.0 has been released!

memcache-client is a pure-ruby client to Danga’s memcached.


= 1.3.0

  • Apply patch #6507, add stats command. Submitted by Tyler K…

  • Apply patch #6509, parallel implementation of #get_multi. Submitted
    by Tyler K…

  • Validate keys. Disallow spaces in keys or keys that are too long.

  • Perform more validation of server responses. MemCache now reports
    errors if the socket was not in an expected state. (Please file
    bugs if you find some.)

  • Add #incr and #decr.

  • Add raw argument to #set and #get to retrieve #incr and #decr

  • Also put on MemCacheError when using Cache::get with block.

  • memcache.rb no longer sets $TESTING to a true value if it was
    previously defined. Bug #8213 by Matijs van Zuijlen.