Membership tutorial?


Anybody know of a good tutorial showing how to use
Rails with web site membership? i.e. use a filter to
authenticate, store member info in session/cookie,
login, send passwords, etc.


Yahoo! FareChase: Search multiple travel sites in one click.


I’m not aware of a tutorial, but the Model Security generator does
this decently. I believe the new login engine has a decent
implementation of this as well, but haven’t gotten around to checking
it out yet. You could either use one of those tools directly, or
generate a sample project and rifle through the code to get a feel
for how it’s done, and then re-implement it in your project. HTH…



Peter D. wrote:
> * Model Security:
> * Authentication:
> * Authorization:
> * AccessControlList:
> * ActiveRBAC:
> * SaltedHashLoginGenerator:
> * LoginGeneratorACLSystem:
> * LoginGenerator:
> * LoginEngine: …

Am I the only one to feel very uncomfortable with this abundance?
In the good old days, all you needed was 2 books and 1 core.

Why is a “basic” and vital feature like authentication not in the core?
And I18n? That blows me!

Alain R.