Media Temple (gs)

I thought it might be nice to have a thread about deploying on Media
Temple’s (gs) hosting plan. I’ve been using (gs) a tiny bit for
applications I toying with (I’m new to both Ruby and Rails), and I
chose them mainly because of the low prices :slight_smile: I decided to start out
learning Rails by trying to deploy apps very early on in their
development because a web-app that’s only running on my localhost
isn’t much good to anybody. I suppose I could have a personal address
book or something, but you know what I mean. So, I guess I started
learning about Capistrano and Rails at the same time.

Anywhoot, I put together a Capistrano recipe that seems to work for me
on Media Temple. It is very basic, I’m sure, but it seems to work, so
I’m pretty happy! I hope somebody on this list might either find it
useful, or be able to point out a better way to do this or that.

I’m also curious if anybody else us running heavier apps on Media
Temple, and what their experiences have been. I’ve heard that you need
mongrel_cluster (?) and that they don’t have it yet (?) but that’s
about all I know. When I signed up, I assumed that I’d be able to
upgrade my “container” if I ever needed to, and that this would
probably be enough for sites that aren’t getting tons and tons of

  • Trevor