Media Temple dv Deployment headache! help please!

Bah humbug I’m trying to deploy my very first rails app and man if i
said i didn’t understand a damn thing it would be a understatement.

I found development to be a breeze but now I’m totally stuck. I have a
Media temple (dv)and got ruby installed following their step by step
guide at (it is a
mongrel_cluster)and got their test App up and running. Now the problem
is that i have no idea how to deploy my own stuff to this freakin
server. The book i have been using is Rails Solutions By: friends of Ed
and they talk about using Capistrano and subversion to deploy to text

And thats the first part where i got stuck. i found a post on the web on
installing subversion on media temple
( after that i was lost
because my book shows setting up subversion accounts via textdrives nice
little online interface blah!

Basically I’m wondering if any of you guys has deployed to a ruby server
at media temple dv and what where your steps.

I’m so freaking lost and i really really need some help so please
anything will be very appreciated.