Mechanize: 404 => Net::HTTPNotFound

Hi all,
I’m able to use this script to enter my username and password, click a
link and get to the page i need, but when I click the checkbox that I
need and try to submit the page, I get this message: httpNotFound.

I’ve been stewing about this for months. I’m not excited about other
people picking through my nasty, amateurish code, but I am at wits end.

Can you help me?

here are the results i get:

ruby troubleweather.rb
get': 404 => Net::HTTPNotFound (WWW::Mechanize::ResponseCodeError) from c:/program files/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mechanize-0.9.2/lib/www/mechanize.rb:340:insubmit’
from troubleweather.rb:41
Exit code: 1


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