Mechanize 2.5 Released

mechanize version 2.5 has been released!

The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites.
Mechanize automatically stores and sends cookies, follows redirects,
and can follow links and submit forms. Form fields can be populated and
submitted. Mechanize also keeps track of the sites that you have
visited as
a history.

=== Changes

  • Minor enhancement
    • Added Mechanize#ignore_bad_chunking for working around servers that
      terminate chunked transfer-encoding properly. Enabling this may
      data loss. Issue #116
    • Removed content-type check from Mechanize::Page allowing forced
      of incorrect or missing content-types. Issue #221 by GarthSnyder
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed typos in EXAMPLES and GUIDES. Pull Request #213 by Erkan
    • Fixed handling of a quoted content-disposition size. Pull Request
      #220 by
      Jason Rust
    • Mechanize now ignores a missing gzip footer like browsers do. Issue
      by afhbl
    • Mechanize handles saving of files with the same name better now.
      Request #223 by Godfrey Chan, Issue #219 by Jon H.
    • Mechanize now sends headers across redirects. Issue #215 by Chris
    • Mechanize now raises Mechanize::ResponseReadError when the server
      does not
      terminate chunked transfer-encoding properly. Issue #116
    • Mechanize no longer raises an exception when multiple identical
      radiobuttons are checked. Issue #214 by Matthias Guenther
    • Fixed documentation for pre_connect_hooks and post_connect_hooks.
      #226 by Robert P.
    • Worked around ruby 1.8 run with -Ku and ISO-8859-1 encoded
      characters in
      URIs. Issue #228 by Stanislav O.Pogrebnyak