Mechanize 2.3 Released

mechanize version 2.3 has been released!

The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites.
Mechanize automatically stores and sends cookies, follows redirects,
and can follow links and submit forms. Form fields can be populated and
submitted. Mechanize also keeps track of the sites that you have
visited as
a history.

=== 2.3 / 2012-02-20

  • Minor enhancement

    • Add support for the Max-Age attribute in the Set-Cookie header.
    • Added Mechanize::Download#body for compatibility with
      Mechanize::File when
      using Mechanize#get_file with Mechanize::Image or other
      pluggable parser. Issue #202 by angas
    • Mechanize#max_file_buffer may be set to nil to disable creation of
  • Bug fixes

    • Applied Mechanize#max_file_buffer to the Content-Encoding handlers
      as well
      to prevent extra Tempfiles for small gzip or deflate response
    • Increased the default Mechanize#max_file_buffer to 100,000 bytes.
      gives ~5MB of response bodies in memory with the default history
      of 50 pages (depending on GC behavior).
    • Ignore empty path/domain attributes.
    • Cookies with an empty Expires attribute value were stored as session
      cookies but cookies without the Expires attribute were not. Issue