Mechanize 0.7.7 Released

mechanize version 0.7.7 has been released!

The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites.
Mechanize automatically stores and sends cookies, follows redirects,
can follow links, and submit forms. Form fields can be populated and
submitted. Mechanize also keeps track of the sites that you have
visited as
a history.



  • New Features:

    • Page#form_with takes a +criteria+ hash.
    • Page#form is changed to Page#form_with
    • Mechanize#get takes custom http headers. Thanks Mike D.!
    • Form#click_button submits a form defaulting to the current button.
    • Form#set_fields now takes a hash. Thanks Tobi!
    • Mechanize#redirection_limit= for setting the max number of
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Added more examples. Thanks Robert Jackson.
    • #20480 Making sure the Host header is set.
    • #20672 Making sure cookies with weird semicolons work.
    • Fixed bug with percent signs in urls.
    • #21132 Not checking for EOF errors on redirect
    • Fixed a weird gzipping error.
    • #21233 Smarter multipart boundry. Thanks Todd W.!
    • #20097 Supporting meta tag cookies.